Blame it on Downton Abbey,  the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby or movies like The Artist and Midnight in Paris, but designers clearly didn’t leave the 20’s and 30’s glam inspirations at the ready to wear runways. For Haute Couture, Riccardo Tisci also took a cue from Art Deco era movies and twisted them in his own somber way to construct a lavish, detail-rich ten look collection.

(Click to see the collection in pictures large enough to appreciate the details. Looking at Couture without details is like seeing a 3D movie without the glasses, it loses it purpose completely. It might take a while to load but it’s worth the wait.)

One of the most interesting pieces was the chocolate brown “croc puzzle” dress which was made by hand cutting crocodile skin and reassembling it scale by scale on silk tulle. Quite impressive. Other skilled pieces that included this animal’s skin were the very rock attitude cropped jackets with star motif.
Shiny  details were incorporated in all the looks (except the previous one) with geometric embroideries, a grid of crystals on silk washed satin and stripes of beads and paillettes on silk organza. Side zippers, fringes of crystal drops paired with luxurious tank tops proved and unusual but harmonious composition.

The silhouettes were long and slender, like in his previous couture collections whilst the colours added a certain drama with a palette of of black, white, brown, cream and bronze. Another unmissable “detail” were the models’ enormous sculptural earrings and nose rings which were another clear reminder of Tisci’s dark and twisty, brave nature.

 – Graciela Martin.

(Pictures courtesy of ©GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci– All rights reserved)